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Who Are GFDA?

GFDA is the brainchild of Jason Bacher and Brian Buirge. This dynamic duo provides a no-nonsense roadmap to help individuals tap into their creative reservoirs. Meaning“Good F*cking Design Advice”, GFDA are renowned in the international design community and have been a wellspring of unconventional wisdom, igniting the creative fires within students, entrepreneurs, and creatives worldwide.

Skyrocketing to success in the span of just a few days, without any formal advertising efforts and by only sharing their work with a close-knit group of friends, their profanity-heavy work went viral, engaging with millions of online users. Without hesitation, and possibly with a dash of recklessness, the partners embarked on a series of unforeseen challenges that tested their mental fortitude and financial stability. Despite their errors in judgment and the steep odds they faced, a thriving brand emerged from the chaos.

Today, armed with fresh, profoundly meaningful content, GFDA has matured into a comprehensive creative powerhouse, standing more resolute than ever as that unwavering voice of confidence in your mind that refuses to be silenced.

GFDA Prints

All GFDA prints are limited edition, signed, numbered, and stunningly screen-printed on French paper, in-house. They are aesthetically pleasing and conveniently sized at 18’ x 24" (45.72 x 60.96 cm), making them perfect inspirational prompts to put in your office or home.

GFDA Classic Advice print

GFDA's debut creation, the Classic Advice Print, a fearless, irreverent, and undeniably authentic compilation of motivational creative principles, became an overnight sensation. It found a proud home in the offices of creative luminaries such as Vera Wang, Louise Wilson, and former Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive.

A picture of GFDA's print, Classic Advice
GFDA, Classic Advice

GFDA’s Work With Maison Kitsune


Maison Kitsuné is an independent French-Japanese fashion house and lifestyle brand. Founded in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc, Masaya Kuroki, and London-based company Åbäke, Kitsuné draws its inspiration from the cultural and aesthetic connections between Europe and Japan.

In April 2022, GFDA and Maison Kitsuné teamed up to produce “Profanely Profound”, an exhibition of ten evocative prints, challenging viewers to look within themselves for answers.

Two GFDA prints side-by-side
GFDA/Maison Kitsuné collaborative screen prints

GFDA Book - Do The F*cking Work: Lowbrow Advice ForHigh-level Creativity

Within the pages of "Do the F*cking Work," readers will discover a treasure trove of 100 visual essays, each brimming with irreverent advice that's sure to jolt even the most stubborn procrastinators into action. Covering an array of topics, from the simple ritual of morning coffee to gracefully handling constructive criticism, this book offers a holistic approach to creativity.

Bacher and Buirge challenge conventional norms, urging readers to embrace failure, shatter the chains of the status quo, and savour the journey of creation. They advocate for the acceptance of mistakes, finding humour in the unknown, and revelling in the sheer joy of the creative process. While their approach may seem direct and blunt, there's a reassuring undertone, reminding us that we're all fellow travellers on the path of trial and error. In a world obsessed with haste and the pursuit of perfection, "Do theF*cking Work" underscores the intrinsic value of the creative process and its ultimate outcomes.

GFDA Book, Do The F*cking Work: Lowbrow Advice For High-level Creativity
GFDA Book, Do The F*cking Work: Lowbrow Advice For High-level Creativity

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