Kelda Storm is a London-based artists with a focus on painting, photography, and printmaking. Storm considers femininity, representation, and autonomy paramount to her work. Not afraid to challenge the viewer, Kelda Storm's use of strong colours and often striking imagery captivates and and intices.

"Lips feature heavily as motifs in my artwork as they sexualise and sensualise the female form yet are also a symbol of speech and voice."


Kelda Storm is a London based artist who works around the contemporary concept of the female gaze. She investigates the duality and complexity of the meaning of images and language within the context of post-digital femininity, representation, and autonomy.

Screen-print features heavily in Kelda’s practice because of the aesthetic quality and subtle texture which is further enhanced when colours overlap. Using a technique that is known for reproduction and the creation of multiples, Kelda prefers to use print as a fine art medium and creates unique pieces and extremely small editions rather than mass produced works.

Kelda choses to display her work in collections, most often under the title ‘Monoprint Series’. Each print is individual yet presented in a form that is reminiscent of fly-posters, billboard advertising or an Instagram feed. The artist's work then takes on a new form becoming a larger piece. The display encourages the visual elements in her artwork to bounce off one another to form connections between the individual pieces displayed.

With Kelda’s large abstract canvases her use of colour is considered and balanced. The method of layering is similar to creating screen-print, yet without a stencil. These works have no words or images to lead the viewer, instead they open to suggestions to subtly explore the themes within Kelda’s practice.

Kelda holds an MA from UAL Camberwell College of Art. Recent exhibitions include Battersea’s AFF, Saatchi Gallery and Deal Castle. She has collectors worldwide.

Kelda Storm stands out amongst other female artists with her instantly recognisable strong colour palette and visual language. Synonomous with lips, the ultimate feminine iconography, Kelda's exploration of the contemporary feminist concept of the female gaze juxtaposed with the male gaze has garnered her the well deserved acclaim she now enjoys.

Notable exhibitions include a solo show at Walk Don’t Walk Gallery, exhibiting at London’s Affordable Art Fair, a group show at the Saatchi Gallery and Where’s the Frame?.