Damon Roberts, a seasoned artist with a rich background in high-profile design projects, has cultivated an extensive understanding of commercial print processes, with a particular emphasis on silkscreen printing. This exploration into silkscreen printing culminated with a striking and distinctive style that carries the finished polish synonymous with a master printmaker.

ABOUT Damon Roberts

Robert’s hand-produced silkscreen prints exhibit a tangible quality, characterised by nuanced textures and a multi-layered approach to inking. The overlay of inks imparts an organic, analogue aesthetic and an almost painterly quality to his creations. Looking at Roberts’s work reveals his affinity with the Bauhaus Movement in Germany, artist Jamie Reid, and notable designers like Peter Saville, Vaughan Oliver, and Dieter Rams.

Motivated by a desire to control all aspects of the printmaking process, Roberts took the initiative to handcraft a printing press, establishing a comprehensive printmaking studio. The studio provided a sanctuary for uninhibited experimentation, cycles of trial and error that drew inspiration from music, geometry, and architecture. As Roberts describes what would become his most formative period of development, "it was no more or less than controlled chaos”.