Jungle angelo

Jungle Angelo's art style is truly one of a kind. His unique fixation with trains creates an interesting and intriguing world that entices the viewer to explore. His artwork often contains deeper meanings and messages, conveyed through his playfulness and whimsicality.

By juxtaposing the worlds of the famous with the world of the everyday, Jungle Angelo forces us to question our own preconceptions and assumptions about both.

ABOUT Jungle angelo

What little is known about Jungle Angelo only adds to his mystique. He is believed to be from Manchester, but beyond that, very little is known about his personal life or background. He has never given an interview and rarely makes public appearances. Despite his elusive nature, Jungle Angelo's art has a powerful impact. His work often addresses social and political issues, and his use of colour and imagery is both arresting and beautiful. For fans of street art, Jungle Angelo is a true enigma, and his work continues to fascinate and inspire.

Jungle Angelo first gained notoriety for his street art in the early 2000s. His unique style, which often features well-known celebrities and evocative imagery, has earned him a cult following among fans of street art and graffiti. His works have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious locations, such as stately homes, museums, the Saatchi Gallery, and Edinburgh Castle. He has also produced work for many well known names and establishments, such as Liberty's of London, Stella McCartney, Mervyn King, and Roman Abramovich.

In addition to his many public works of art, Jungle has over 100 paintings permanently displayed in four London hospitals (Maudsley. Royal Bethlem, Lambeth and Lewisham) through the SLAMARTS Trust.